“I started training with Sylvia in an attempt to improve my fitness after hitting my mid 30s and realising I needed to start doing some exercise! When I started with Sylvia I struggled to even run 1k but she worked with me to build up my fitness levels through a variety of sessions to the point where I was able to run the Abby Dash (10k) in just over an hour. A great achievement for me. Sylvia has been a great trainer for me as she understands my busy work schedule and is flexible to work around that to ensure I can get my PT sessions in! She pushes me to achieve more than I ever thought I was capable of but also understands my lifestyle and boundaries and isn’t pushy and unrealistic as some PTs can be. She has always kept my training sessions interesting and varied which mean that I have stayed training with her for over 4 years. I feel fitter than ever before in my life and I would recommend Sylvia to anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels, generally feel healthier and have a bit of fun along the way“. Megan Esmond, Marketing Manager.

Sylvia helped me feel strong again!! When I had a lot of nausea during my pregnancy – Sylvia modified all the exercises and gave me lots of encouragement. After my son was born, lockdown began and Sylvia’s online classes were brilliant for me. I joined in bodytone, yoga and zumba live virtual classes and the online catch-up gave me the chance to fit exercise in around homeschooling alongside looking after a new baby. I’ve also re-started private yoga and am regaining my flexibility and balance too. Highly recommend any of Sylvia’s classes!” Kate (Dentist)

“I bought my son a 16th Birthday gift of 1 session with Chris – that was 6 years ago (today in fact)! To cut a long story short, Chris has been training me (and my son when he’s around) every week, ever since and I could not start to articulate how effective and instrumental Chris has been in improving my all-round fitness and teaching me the technical aspects of boxing. I’ve always kept fit, been a gym member and have had numerous PTs over the years – but Chris is on a different level (as you’d expect, as an ex-professional boxer). Apologies if this post goes on a bit and if it embarrasses Chris, but credit where it’s due – and it is!” Robert Whiteside, Retired

“I have been doing individual PT sessions with Sylvia for the last few years and have built up a good level of fitness. I was worried that lockdown would mean I would lose my motivation and the fitness levels that I have worked hard to build up so I was really pleased when Sylvia launched the online live exercise classes almost straight away. There are a huge variety of classes available which means you never get bored and all classes are recorded so I can complete them in my own time and in line with my busy working day. With the availability of the recorded classes I have actually now been able to do more exercise than ever before as it allows flexibility instead of a rigid class timetable which is sometimes hard to stick to. Some days I’m up at 6.30 amdoing the classes! Thanks Sylvia and Chris for reacting so quickly and making exercise at home so convenient and accessible.Megan Esmond, Marketing Manager

“Sylvia’s personal training sessions really set me off on the path to healthier living and weight loss when I started a couple of years ago. She makes you work hard but in a very motivating and supportive way which is just what I need. You realise anything is possible with the right training. The group sessions and exercise classes are fun and equally as motivating. They are also not in any way pretentious which, as a self conscious exerciser, is important. Even when I broke my leg (not whilst exercising I hasten to add!) and had to start from scratch again, Sylvia was there to support me and help me back to full fitness. Sylvia and Chris are genuinely lovely people who care about their clients and I’m very glad to have discovered North Leeds Fitness. Anne Williams, Cardiac Nurse

“Really motivating classes led by an enthusiastic team. Sylvia and Chris’ classes are for people of all levels so you can work to your own ability. There are always options provided throughout the sessions so you can pick the one that suits you.
The personal training sessions have been great for improving any weak areas and building overall strength and endurance. Would highly recommend for all those wanting to either shed those pounds or just to achieve a healthier fitter you!
Kam Bahia, Teacher

“I have been going to Sylvia’s zumba classes for years and she always makes the class fun and you get a great workout. She is also an excellent personal trainer encouraging you to push yourself and I feel much stronger and fitter now.I had a bad shoulder when I first started and she had helped me build up my upper body strength so the pain has now disappeared. Chris is an excellent Pilates teacher and makes his classes fun.” Linda Keaney, Retired.

“Chris caters for all levels – personable and down to earth, can have a joke at the right time but serious when it comes to making sure your training is safe and good for you.” Chris Smith

“As a yoga instructor myself I expect a high standard from classes I attend. Sylvia never disappoints. She is down-to-earth, fun, passionate about her clients – and just a little bit crazy! You will giggle as you sweat, you won’t feel dumb for messing stuff up. And you’ll achieve more than you thought possible because she believes you can do it. Highly recommended.” Helena Rix, Yoga Teacher

“North Leeds fitness is brilliant, both Sylvia and Chris are excellent trainers and their classes are really motivating and fun and show really good results. Can’t recommend them enough!” Rebecca Hughes

“North Leeds Fitness are the best around! Both Sylvia and Chris are so friendly and encouraging and I have been getting amazing results! Cannot recommend them highly enough!” Rochelle Wilder, Consultant Paediatrician.

“I was very happy with my personal training sessions with Sylvia, she created a tailored a plan to help with post pregnancy issues, gave me home workouts to complete and pushed me in our sessions to get results- which I did! I feel much stronger and am now free from back pain. Result!” Rebecca Waterhouse, Dental Hygienist

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