Virtual Classes

£28 per month for all classes or pay as you go…

09:30 Pilates burn £5
13:00 Body Tone £3
19:00 Pilates £5
20:05 Boxing HIIT £3

09:30 Yoga £5
12:00 Pilates £5
18:00 HIIT £3
20:00 Pilates Burn £3
21:00 Relaxation & Meditation £2

09:30 Low impact toning £3
13:00 Yoga £5
19:00 Zumba £3

09:30 BoxHIIT £3
10:30 Yoga £5
13:00 Pilates Burn £5
19:00 Pilates £5

09:30 Fab Abs £2
10:05 Pilates £5
12:00 Yoga £5
20:00 Relaxation & Meditation £2

09:00 zumba £3


We use ZOOM as our online class studio. It is easy to use, reliable and available for every platform. It goes like this:

1. Contact us via text, email or social media to purchase your classes. Sylvia 07734661338 or Chris 07946849322

2. Fill out the waiver and screening forms.

3. Receive an email or WhatsApp with an invitation to join the next class ordered.

4. Download the Zoom app on the media you will use for the first session.

5. Sign up on the app before the first class.

6. You’ll receive an email/Whatsapp with the link to be used for our class (aka meeting)

7. 10-15 min before class time, simply click on the meeting link found in the email/Whatsapp link and join us for the class! Make sure you have water with you, a mat and plenty of space. Position the camera so we can see you to help with your technique.

8. Can’t make it during class time? No worries, classes are recorded and will be shared with the members only club where you will be able to take the class at your best convenience.

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